Social Wellbeing Agency

Te Aho Kura

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Print design
  • Digital design

When the Social Wellbeing Agency decided to evolve their brand, they wanted to develop a visual identity for their cultural capability programme, Te Aho Kura – The Red Thread

The word Aho is one translation for thread, but it is also has a deeper meaning which talks about the descent line. In a way it talks about our whakapapa as a country and through learning and bringing light to our past, only then we can move forward – and that is a big part of what Te Aho Kura aims to do. 

The word Kura is another word for red, which is considered to be the colour of Rangatira. In the whakatauakī or proverb – the black thread represent ordinary Māori, the white thread represents Pākehā, and the red thread represents Rangatira – so it is the red thread that would bring everyone together.