Accident Compensation Corporation

Live Stronger for Longer

What we did

  • Photography
  • Strategy
  • Campaign
  • Print and digital design
  • Website design and development

We worked closely with the ACC team to develop this national campaign. Developing a campaign that connected with the key audiences through photography and language.

We engaged with the older people in a series of national workshops to really understand what would resonate with them through language, photography, and communication tools. Through this knowledge we developed a campaign, Live Stronger for Longer, that really connected with older people and created a solid platform to ensure this was a campaign that could be taken into the future.

As people age, they are at risk of falls and fractures, in particular the 65+ age group. This can have far-reaching consequences to the individual, their families, whānau, and the health system. The client required a campaign that connected and delivered the right tools to this age group.