What we did
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The Brief
We were asked to tell the full story and make The Royal Society of New Zealand more accessible to all of New Zealand. The Royal Society of New Zealand has a long history dating back to 1867. 
The Royal Society is an independent statutory organisation constituted under a Private Act of Parliament. From the beginning they have promoted science and technology and in 2010 embraced humanities. With the aim to engage wider audiences, there was a need to change the perception of the brand – moving it from exclusive (to some), to inclusive (for all).

At the outset not everyone in the Society felt they had the desire to change. The Society at 150 years was steeped in heritage. Our approach was to encourage discussion and manage change – reassuring stakeholder audiences that re-branding was an evolutionary positive process.

Through research we were able to identify participant aspirations for the brand and how these aligned with RSNZ’s strategic objectives and agreed what priorities underpinned future positioning. We identified what the future looked like for the brand and agreed on a positioning for it – to promote discovery, exploration and sharing.​​​​​​​

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